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Alchemy of Love Mindfulness by Nuit

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books and Courses are designed by Natasa Pantovic Nuit (Author of Conscious Parenting) and published by Artof4elements.


The Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Courses work with the full range of transformation tools that examine body, emotions, thoughts, relationships, surroundings, goals and dreams.


All throughout the courses 12 modules we ask questions of: What do you really want to live? How to dare to live the dream life? How do we waste our energy? These courses are designed to understand the body, mind, and soul connection and help the explorer listen to the soul all throughout this amazing Journey of Creative Exploration.


Working with Short and Long Term Goals, understanding the True Values that surround us we hope to help you experience a Journey that is full of Learning, Love and Laughter and to inspire you to take concrete actions to be more Mindful, Aware and Conscious. 

Personal development spiritual growth quote from Mindfulness Training Book: Mindful Being by Nuit

Mindfulness Training

The purpose of life is the evolution of consciousnessSpiritual Awakening offers life in the state of joy (Bliss / Ananda).  If we learn to listen to our souls we can consciously choose to be joyful or sad, peaceful or loving, alert or relaxed. There is a Buddhist saying:'Before enlightenment he gathered wood and carried water; after enlightenment he gathered wood and carried water.'



Self-Development Journey

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With spiritual awakeningspiritual growth and  becomes the central purpose and focus of life.  We experience a longing to come closer to , or Life and to feel One with It (So-Ham).  With Spiritual Awakening, we are in love with the Divine, giving up the Will, we accept total surrender to live Love as the main principle of our Life.


Spiritual Paths

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There are many different spiritual paths that we can take: Yoga, Taoism, Christianity, Sufism, etc.


Walking the spiritual path means finding our own relationship with God, Love or Life.

Today travellers on the spiritual path have two important advantages - we now have access to the knowledge of our ancestors on variety of spiritual paths; and the spiritual path is no longer in the shadow of doctrines, it is now more difficult for Churches, sects and cults to dominate our surroundings.


Spiritual not Religious


Until recently various Churches and Religions claimed the exclusive right to Spirituality. What do we think of God, how do we talk to God, and who is God were sensitive questions boxed in Dogmas of Beliefs subject to death if we in any way disagreed with the main stream thinking.


Religions vailed in mythology ruled the subconscious sphere of our Minds. With the development of science, myths crumbled and the literal explanation of any Vedic or Biblical text became obsolete. In search of Truth we turned towards conscious understanding of symbols and signs, towards comparative studies of various religions and their roots. We turned towards Spirituality not Religion.

Respecting the role that any religion has in understanding rituals, Spirituality works with a relationship between body, mind, soul and spirit. Spirituality turns its head towards its predecessor, towards Alchemy, that attempts to transform any metal into Gold, guiding us towards living our highest potential.


Like Alchemy, Spirituality could be defined as a process of personal transformation. At the beginning of last century the Theosophical Society researched the secret spiritual teachings of the East and attempted to create a science that researches God, Spirit and Soul's relationship to the Divine.  Anthroposophy, with its founder, Rudolf Steiner, explored the ways that spirituality could be integrated in education, agriculture, or medicine.  The gurus and sages of the East developed yoga, chi-gong, meditation and various Spiritual Exercises defining Spirituality as Science many centuries ago.


Spirituality and Souls Materialised on Earth


Ama Alchemy of Love by Natasa Pantovic Nuit quote about self development alchemy of soul and spiritual growth


A unit consciousness called the SelfSoul or Atman (Hindu) materialises within this frame of existence called Earth to experience Life and Death, to understand the form and master its magic.  Egyptians saw the Soul as a Divine Ray, Jews refer to it as the Vital Principle, Hindus see it as a portion of Anima Mundi, or Collective Consciousness or Cosmic Principal called Brahman wondering within Maya Images of this world.  Lao Tse talks about the spiritual soul that influences the vital soul that is there to animate the body. Christians believe that Holy Spirit communicates with Souls that are the bridge between Divine and Matter. They all agree that the purpose of Life is evolution of Consciousness. This evolution as the process of personal transformation is called Spirituality.


What is Spiritual Awakening and Growth within our Mindfulness Training?


To help you in your spiritual and self-development journey, we have created the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training. The books that we have prepared for you and published are: Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course, Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents, A Guide to Mindful Eating, Chanting Mantras with the Best Chords, Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry and the spiritual novel: Ama Alchemy of Love.  Check 100s of personal development and spiritual tools, and exercises within our Mindfulness Training. Start the work on the alchemy of your soul. You'll love it!   


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